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I first came to Freedom Tattoo to get a tattoo fixed, that was messed up more than 10 years earlier. After that, a cover up, two portraits and many others, this is the only shop I will go to!

-- Austin
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13 Years & Counting, Thank You Chattanooga!

Freedom Tattoo offers its customers the security of experience, artistic diversity, and hospital grade sterilization. With four full-time artists, and more up and coming, we are able to specialize in all forms and styles of tattooing. We accept walk-ins of course, as well as scheduled appointments. Just call us at 423-553-8889 for info on artist availability, scheduling an appointment, or any other questions.

Our body piercing is done in privacy, by skilled professionals. We use only high-grade titanium jewelry, to avoid any unforeseen nickel allergies, and our extensive retail jewelry selection is able to meet the needs of any client and/or piercing. Should you be unhappy with the selections we are happy to make an order for you.

Let us assist you in finding the right design. We specialize in composing ideas that suit our clients needs-- with professional opinions, and years of experience, we are happy to walk you through the process of finding exactly the right design for you. Though most artists prefer doing custom work, we also have a large array of "flash art" to choose from, combined with internet access to facilitate researching virtually any idea you may have in mind. The possibilities are truly unlimited.

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